Selected key areas for short- and medium-term i.e. up to 2016

  • The following areas are among areas where adequate capacities are needed for the design and implementation of activities that would lead to the improvement of human well-being. They are the themes of the modules that the Institute will consider for capacity building in the short and medium term:
  • a. Optimizing the benefits from protected areas
  • b. Undertaking ecosystem restoration:
  1. Generalities
  2. Revitalization and rebuilding/restoration of socio-ecological production land- and sea-scapes in the context of the Satoyama Initiative;
  3. Restoration of mangroves;
  4. Reclamation of mining areas
  • c. Promoting green economy:
  1. Generalities (including payment for ecosystem services)
  2. Reduced emission from deforestation and forest degradation through conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity (REDD+)
  3. Great Green Wall in Africa
  • d. Other areas:
  1. Exploring ways and means to use faith/religion to the rescue of environmental/biodiversity management
  2. Applying biodiversity inclusive environmental impact assessment and strategic impact assessment
  3. Strengthening and expanding actions towards the control of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species and enhancing preventive actions
  4. Considering environment related health issues
  5. Applying ecosystem approach and other ecosystem-based approaches
  • The unifying theme for all these topics is their ultimate goal, which is to enhance or maintain livelihood at a high level (provision of jobs, ensuring healthy ecosystems for healthy people).
  • A coordinator will be identified for each topic.

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