1. The Institute (the General Assembly of the Institute) consists of:
  1. The College of the Founding Members: the President, the Executive Director and the information technology specialist. Initially, the President will serve as Scientific Director and the Executive Director will be responsible for human resources and serve as Budget Officer;
  2. The College of the employees of the Institute consisting of all salaried staff (including the College of the founding members and the Scientific Director (hired by the Executive Director, in his capacity as Director of Human Resources, according to the normal recruitment procedures );
  3. The Steering Committee that will combine in the initial phase the roles of the board of trustees and the scientific and technical advisory board. This Committee consists of six to ten members representing regions where selected activities and key themes will be focused for a given period. These members will be involved in the activities of the Institute on their personal capacities, regardless of their affiliation to any structure (association, institution ...). They will be selected on the basis of their reputation, knowledge of issues and the needs for capacity building and their ability to contribute to the mobilization of financial resources;
  4. The network of resource persons. The network is informal and consists mainly of experts involved in training (formal or informal), experts in areas corresponding to the themes adopted by the Steering Committee; and an advisory body consisting of people who advise the President and the Executive Director on matters relating to the Institute.
  5. The college of participants in the training workshops and information sessions, and
  6. Honorary members who have been invited by the Steering Committee or the college of Founding Members from among the people who make or have made extraordinary services to the Institute.

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