Donors & Partners

  1. Financial support to international organizations may be available through the FODIM (International Development Fund of Montréal). This fund was created in 1992, resulting from the collaboration between the Governments of Canada and Québec and the City of Montréal.
  2. Montréal International administers the FODIM fund. In close collaboration with its funding partners it determines the allocation of resources and nature of assistance granted, and implements contractual agreements with the international organization that frame the terms and obligations of each party.
  3. The following eligibility guidelines should be addressed by organizations seeking support from FODIM:
    • Legal status as an international organization, i.e., a not-for-profit organization with letters of patent, bylaws and a constitution
    • Membership and governance that reflects a multilateral (three or more countries) composition; and a clear and distinct international mission
    • An operational structure that includes a secretary-general, a director- general or similarly styled senior administrative officer, and a full-time professional and administrative team
    • Evidence of secured financing, 50% of which originates from non-Canadian sources
    • Commitment to create a minimum of five full-time jobs in the Montréal area.
    Requests submitted by sponsors of international organizations are evaluated on the basis of merit. They must be supported by a business or strategic development plan, including a five-year financial forecast.a

    Sandenga Yeba
    Coordinator - Support to International Organizations

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